The bespoke process is the pinnacle of any tailor house, A garment made with superior craftsmanship to your exact specification with over 100 hours of delicate and precise work.


Arrange An Appointment

Simply make a phone call or book an appointment via webpage or social medias before visiting us in Taipei or Taichung Store.


Considering Styling & Further more

At this stage, we’ll take some time to understand your personality, habit, lifestyle and the kind of garment you’d like to order. We’ll then discuss the style of suit or jacket and choice of fabrics that will suit you best.


Taking Measures

Once we’ve settled on the style of your order and the fabrics you chose, our designer will take close to 30 measurements to accurately asses your figure and translate these measurements into a unique paper pattern.


Basted Fitting

Once the baste is handmade by the tailor, it will be fitted on the you, and any structural alterations will be noted and recorded at this stage, therefore, the final shape and specification of garment will be ensured.



Few weeks later after the fitting, your garment will be finished by hand, At this stage, we’ll assess all aspects of the garment’s fit and discuss with you see if there is any part needs adjustments.



After 6 to 10 weeks and an average of 1-2 fittings, your masterpiece garment will be ready to collect. We’ll then invite you to visit us and give it a try see if there are any details require alterations.